Factory Maintenance Services

Factory Maintenance Services


Savco Auto Repair checks on the levels of all fluids in your car on which replacing and adding fluid as necessary, checks your brakes, and visually inspects your car’s drivetrain and safety systems during the 30,000 service check. We not only look for signs of wear, but also of leaking and seeping which causes future costly repair.

This service check marks an important maintenance milestone that gives your car continuous maximum performance and life for years to come. 30,000 service check is an inspection following the manufacturer’s maintenance standards, your car’s model and age, and your driving style.


Savco Auto Repair gives a great deal of attention to your car’s fluids during 60,000 service check. It focus more on the transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid on which change frequency is not as often as that of oil changes.

Our expert technician will examine the fluids removed for any possible internal problems with your engines that need to be addressed accordingly. Any form of discoloration or thicknesses to the fluid may be a sign of failing internal seal which may cause your car’s engine to overheat.

We have wide array of recommended 60,000 service replacement fluids, filters and parts to help you keep going at once. However, aside from taking consideration basic recommendations for 60,000  service check, manufacturer’s recommendations must also be taken into account. To rule out the best replacements, we need to evaluate on how the car is driven and where.


Your timing belt’s condition is the utmost concern in checking for 90,000 service. It is an important thing that allows engine and drivetrain to function properly together, keeping camshaft and crankshaft in harmony. If the timing belt breaks, it means both engine and drivetrain are no longer synched. It will lead to an engine that is broken beyond repair.

Savco Auto Repair’s expert technicians will also check other components identified by the car’s manufacturer as a risk for performance failure during the 90,000 mile mark. This will cover everything from suspension, and steering systems to the brakes.We are packed with a stock of OEM and recommended replacement parts and other items that you might be needing as replacements. However, we will ensure that everything is thoroughly explained and with your approval before we replace anything in your car.