BG Battery Treatment

BG Battery Treatment

Over time, corrosion accumulates on the battery posts and terminals. Eventually, corrosion buildup can drain power from the battery. That’s why battery failure is one of the top reasons for calls made requesting roadside assistance.

You can avoid being stranded or stuck with an expensive tow charge by maintaining your vehicle’s battery with the BG Battery Service.

First, a professional technician will thoroughly inspect the battery, terminals and cables. Then he or she will apply a BG Battery Cleaner and Leak Detector to the outside of the battery and install anti-corrosion BG Battery Terminal Protectors on its posts. And finally, he will use BG Ignition and Battery Terminal Sealer to seal battery posts, terminals and the case.

The result of this service will be:

  • Longer and more reliable battery life
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Restored electrical function

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